T-Ball Teams & Opening Day


***Because of the heavy rain and poor field conditions, we are moving our opening day activities from the field to the SRS Basketball Courts and blacktop. Due to the switch, sneakers should be worn.***


T-Ball Opening Day Schedule – Saturday, April 1

9:30 – 9:45 Team assignments & Warm-Ups

Players should report to their team color which will be displayed around the courts. See below for team lists and colors.

9:45-10:50 Skill Station Rotation

10:50 “Opening Pitch” and refreshments

11:00 End


Gray Team

Wendell Braneky

Calvin Kerr

Will Spector

Nathaniel Smith

Jackson O’Malley

Clark Slaven

George Miller

Nathan Brown



Red Team

Ezra Peltzman

Julia Orlando

Matthew Zdilla

Cyan Jukkala

Kori Nwadiora

Andrew Warren

Everett Miller

Claire Bruno



Royal Team

Landon Elshami

Chase Tucker

Lyla Huss

Finley Raffaele

Peter Garin

Rebecca Figura

Meghan Kelly

Samuel Grant



Garnet Team

Danny Shank

Caden Coschignano

Colson Shields

Andrew Shuster

Wren Peterson

Calleigh Chwastyk

Taylor Elshami

Ian Wilson


Gold Team

Luke Connor

Connor Cheshire

Anna Cheshire

Joshua Himmelberg

Nash Hoy

Bennett Phipps

Gabe Cocos

Jack Williams


Purple Team

Blake Jones

James Davis

Ben Jordan

Joey Larin

Jack Grider

Leonardo Bellini

Tony Gonzalez

Miles Thomas


Light Blue Team

Cash Mote

Sam Greco

John Turbville

True Kieser

Gabriel Carone

Shane Elias

Finn Kille

Gianmarco Segato


Orange Team

Alex Shaw

Owen Rumble

Ryan Taylor

Christian Dolce

Justin Dolce

James Ball

Collin Siri

Sal Onesti


Lime Team

Finn Coe

Henry Burch

William O’Brien

Dugan Smith

Grey Dunn

Kyler Minton

Nelson Saylor

Brady Torregrossa


Forest Green Team

Marcus Templeton

Thomas Beck

Aidan Henderson

Jacob Graden

George Loving

Bryan Lentz

William McFadden

Dallin Sun