Nether Providence Athletic Association and Swarthmore Recreation Association merged in 2013 to form the Nether Swarthmore Basketball program to serve children in grades K-12 district wide.  The goal was to create a unified program for better basketball skill development and added character development for all children in our school district.
The NSB (or sometimes referred to as Nether Swarthmore Hoops) program begins with a developmental clinic-like structure for children in kindergarten and first grades.  Held on Sunday afternoons and run by adult volunteers, the program focuses on skill development, working on the basics and promoting good team work.  It is co-ed and each hour long session ends with a short small sided game.
Grades 2-3 has a league for boys and a league for girls.  There are volunteer coaches, one one-hour practice session per week and a game on the weekend. Developmental in style, this program builds on the skills learned in the Developmental K-1 program.  Beginning players who have not played before at all are also welcome in this league.
Grades 4-12 leagues are also separate for boys and girls and are more competitive with skill development for more strategic plays.  NSB uses a blind draft to create fair, even teams and coaches are all volunteers.

A Note About The Blind Draft

Reminder, Nether Swarthmore Basketball attempts to balance teams in grades 4-12 with players of all skill levels to create equality for better competition. We try to create well balanced teams so no one team dominates. To do this, we use a blind draft. After evaluations on a Saturday in November, coaches will get together and create the teams as balanced as possible. then they draw a team “blind” out of a hat and add their child to the team. It is in the best interest of all volunteer coaches to create equally strong teams.  That is the ideal we shoot for. Therefore, coaches are not going to allow any player friend requests.  Your son or daughter might get lucky and have his or her best friend on a the team yet the balancing of skills is our top priority.

Grades 2-3 is still considered developmental and we will divide these players up in equal teams without evaluations.

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