All baseball programs are offered by Nether-Swarthmore Baseball.

Players 5-6 start with T-Ball, which focuses on the fundamental skills with games supplementing the skill building.

After T-Ball, NSB sponsors three leagues of Cal Ripken baseball for players ages 7 to 12 and provides opportunities for players 13 and older as well. 

NSB strives to give young baseball players an experience that will foster a lifelong love of our national pastime.  NSB’s three Cal Ripken leagues have a 10 to 12 game regular season and conclude with a double-elimination playoff tournament that provides added excitement and fun.  NSB emphasizes friendly competition, skill development and good sportsmanship while also producing players who succeed in summer tournaments at the regional and state level.  

NSB’s three Cal Ripken leagues are described briefly below.  The ages refer to the player’s age on May 1 of that season.

Ages 7-8 play ROOKIE baseball.  The Rookie League takes T-Ball players to the next level.  The emphasis continues to be on instruction and skill development, but players experience a competitive game environment for the first time.  A pitching machine is used for the first half of the season, and live pitching for three innings per game is introduced at the season’s midpoint to provide a taste of what’s to come at the next level.  The coach is permitted to be on the field during play to provide support and instruction.

Ages 9-10 play MINOR baseball.  In the Minor League, young players advance to full player-pitch baseball and learn how to steal bases.  Players will continue to hone the fundamental skills they have learned in T-ball and Minors while developing their situational knowledge of the game.  This is the first level at which professional umpires call the balls and strikes.

Ages 11-12 play MAJOR baseball.  The Major League is the natural progression from the Minors.  The Major League is appropriate for both the “serious” player who is fine-tuning his skills as well as the “recreational” player who just enjoys playing the game and being a part of a team with friends.  While NSB tailors the rules a bit from the “Big Leagues” to insure parity and continuity, this level prepares them for the big jump to the Senior League where “Big League” Rules apply.

Ages 13+ play on the full sized baseball field in Seniors and American Legion baseball.   For more details, seeNether-Swarthmore Baseball or contact NSB and SRA Board member David Caputo at