Original By Laws

SRA Applied for incorporation March 12, 1940 under the “Non-profit Corporation Law.” Purposed and conditions for and upon which it was incorporated:

  1. The name of the proposed Corporation shall be Swarthmore Recreation Association.
  2. The location and post office address of its initial registered office in this Commonwealth is:  Borough Hall, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.
  3. The purposes for which the Corporation is formed are:
    • To provide and supervise recreational facilities for residents of the Borough of Swarthmore, including parks, playgrounds, swimming pools, bathing places, indoor recreation centers, and gymnasiums.
    • To afford instruction in, and supervision of, handicrafts, and other useful and recreational activities.
    • To solicit and receive donations of money ans services for any of the above purposes, kin addition to appropriate charges for membership and use of any of the said facilities and equipment.
  4. The Corporation does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit incidentally or otherwise to its members.
  5. No intoxicating liquors shall be sold or dispensed on any premises used for the purposes of the Association.
  6. The Corporation is to exist perpetually.
  7. The name, place of residence and post office address of each of the incorporators is as follows:  Maud L. Bishop, Marion Crossen, Howard Kirk, Elizabeth Lueders, Frederick Luehring, Barbara McCone, Jacob Meschter, John H. Pitman, Elliot Richardson, Charles G. Thatcher, Vesta Van De Boe, Florence Wilcox.
  8. The persons who will act as Directors shall be twelve in number until changed by the By-Laws.   They shall act as Directors until the election of their successors in accordance with the By-Laws.   The names and addresses of those who shall act as Directors are as follows:  (same as the incorporators).
  9. The Corporation shall have no capital stock.  The number and qualifications of the Corporation’s members, the classes of membership, if any, the property, voting, and other rights and privileges of each class membership, and the liability of each class or all classes to dues and assessments, and the method of collection thereof, shall be set forth in the By-Laws.
  10. The amount of assets which the Corporation will have to start its Corporate functions consists of:
    • The use of the Borough Hall, Swarthmore, PA, without charge.
    • Miscellaneous uniforms, equipment, and supplies, having a value of approximately $75.
    • The reasonable expectation of an appropriation of at least $150 from Swarthmore Borough Council, and at least $150 from the School District of Swarthmore at the commencement of the summer recreational season in 1940.  (An appropriation of like amounts was made by the said municipal bodies to these incorporators, acting as a voluntary committee, at the outset of the 1939 recreational season.)
    • $16.00 in a fund presently in the hands of the incorporators.
    • The proceeds of such membership fees, and charges for instruction and use of facilities provided by the Association, as the Directors may hereafter establish.
  11. The authority to make, alter, and repeal the By-Laws of the corporation is vested in the Board of Directors, subject, however, to the power of the members to change or repeal the By-Laws, at any regular or special meeting of the Association held after fifteen days’ notice posted at the registered office of the Association, which notice shall set forth the proposed amendment or change.



Judge Broomall found the charter and By-Laws in order, but refused to grant the charter perpetually.  The charter must be renewed at the end of ten years.  Each year before the first Monday in May the Secretary must file in the courthouse in Media certified copies of the constitution and By-Laws in the office of the prothonotary.

On March 31, 1950, Judge Arthur B. Bretherick granted an Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation allowing the Charter of the Swarthmore Recreation Association to exist perpetually.