Hoops has arrived!

Nether-Swarthmore Hoops registration opens tomorrow, October 20th,  at 9:00AM.  Please read all of the following information if you are interested in registering your child.


Your child does!  Nether-Swarthmore Hoops offers basketball for girls and boys in kindergarten through twelfth grade.  Developmental basketball offers clinic-style instruction with in-session scrimmages for kids in kindergarten and first grade.  Second- and third-graders play in Junior Hoops, with seven regular season games but no play-off eligibility.  For grades 4-12, Nether-Swarthmore Hoops offers championship-style league play in the following grade groups: 4/5 Girls, 4/5 Boys, 6+ Girls, 6/7 Boys, 8/9 Boys, 10-12 Boys.  If there is sufficient interest in an older girls’ league, we will gladly support one.  Please sign your daughters up in the 6+ division, and we will evaluate how many players we have.  Note that all groups are based on grade, not age.  Travel basketball is available for those in grades 3-12.


You do!  Parent volunteers are a major part of all Nether-Swarthmore Hoops programming.  Grades 2-12 are coached by a parent head coach and a parent assistant coach.  Developmental Hoops is coached by Sports Mentors (middle- and high-school kids) with the supervision of parent volunteers.  Coaching for the first time can be intimidating, but we are here to help.  We have a Director of Coaching who sends skills and drills for each week of the regular season straight to your inbox.  We also have a Hoops Ombudsman who can help with any non-coaching questions or concerns you may have.


We’re offering Town & Gown basketball clinics THIS SATURDAY with some very impressive local collegiate basketball stars.  We still have space in both the grades 3-5 session and the grades 6-8 session.  Come learn from the stars!


We need help to make this season run.  We already have a wonderful group of volunteers, but we still need more.  Specifically, we need a Director of Travel Basketball and a Director of Developmental Basketball.  Directors help set up the season and make sure everything runs smoothly.  We also need commissioners for the following age groups: Boys’ 2/3 and Boys’ 8/9.  Commissioners help run evaluations and the team selection process.  The job tends to be very busy for about two weeks and then not nearly as busy for the remainder of the season.

You can volunteer to coach (as head or assistant coach) when you register your child.  You can also volunteer to be a commissioner or director there or by emailing Sara Kelly at Sara@SwarthmoreRecreation.org.


Evaluations are offered for those in grades 4-12 and for travel basketball.  Evaluations are only to help us create balanced teams.  Players of all ability levels are welcome at Nether-Swarthmore Hoops.  This year, evaluations will be held over the course of one week in the SRS gym.  Here’s the anticipated schedule:

Monday, November 15: Boys 4/5 (5:30-6:30); Girls 4/5 (6:30-7:30)

Tuesday, November 16: Boys 6/7 (5:30-6:30); Girls 6+ (6:30-7:30)

Wednesday, November 17: Make up sessions (Girls 5:30-6:30, Boys 6:30-7:30)

Thursday, November 18: Boys 8/9 (5:30-6:30); Boys 10-12 (6:30-7:30)

Friday, November 19: Boys travel (5:30-6:30); Girls travel (6:30-7:30)

**All times are subject to change.**


Hoops follows the SRA safety plan with two additional requirements.  First, all those who are not actively playing must be masked.  This includes players, coaches, and spectators.  Second, players must be separated by six feet when they’re not on the court.  To help make sure we’re following these requirements, we are asking each family to take a turn as the Parent Safety Monitor.  You’ll be able to choose your week in TeamSnap once the teams are set.


Registration opens tomorrow at 9:00AM.  We will be opening a fairly limited number of spots and then asking people to sign up for a waitlist.  When we have enough coaches and assistant coaches to run the program, will we open up spots for those on the waitlist.  Our goal is to allow everyone on the waitlist to play.  You can ensure your child’s spot and the success of the program by signing up to coach.

At the time of registration, you may choose up to one weekday when your child is not available for practice.  We will do our best to honor those requests, but, other than siblings, we cannot honor any requests for children play on the same team.


Because of the late notice about gym rentals, we are rushing to get out schedules and open registration.  We do not yet know exactly when we will be able to rent the gyms, so things like tryout schedules may change.  We cannot give you an accurate guess about when different teams will practice because we do not have enough information to begin setting the schedule.  We will do the best we can to make schedules work, and if things change, we’ll do our best to keep you informed.  Thank you for all of you who held out for Nether-Swarthmore Hoops.

This will be a season worth waiting for.