Nether-Swarthmore Hoops FAQs

Why change the schedule?

By splitting up Elementary Hoops (grades 2-5) and Hoops (grades 6-12), we are able to offer additional court time for grades 4+ as well as tournament time for the 2/3 division. We are also able to limit practice times to more reasonable times, especially for younger players, and tell you in advance which days your child might have practice.  Additionally, in 2021-2022, we used every hour of gym time we were allocated.  We could not accept any more players.  The new structure allows for some growth so that we don’t have to turn away any players who register on time.  Finally, the later schedule for middle- and high-school players means our season begins after school ball begins, giving players a better sense of potential conflicts before they register.

Is there an option for players in kindergarten and first grade?

You bet! Developmental Hoops returns this year with two sessions, an early winter (November to January) and a late winter (January to March). Run by SRA Director of Programming TJ Loper and a team of Sports Mentors, Developmental Hoops offers a week-by-week curriculum to build skills in the youngest players.

Won’t Hoops overlap with the end of the soccer season?

Elementary Hoops will not overlap with Town Soccer, nor will it overlap with Intramural Soccer. It will, however, overlap with the end of travel soccer.  We’ve done what we can to avoid conflicts: where we can, girls, who play soccer on Sunday, play Hoops on Saturday, and boys, whose soccer games are on Saturday, play Hoops on Sunday.  

Winter is long.  What will my elementary school child play after winter break?

We are working to develop a full complement of winter programming to fill your time January to April (when the fields open).  We’re looking at offering a diverse range of programs that might include kickboxing, volleyball, futsol (indoor soccer), and other sports.  Details will be coming in the next month or two.

Will there be any basketball after winter break?

YES!  For players in grades 4-5, our newly expanded Tournament Hoops will offer one or two practices each week and three local tournaments.  (We are determining whether there are tournament options for younger players.) By splitting the season, we are now able to avoid conflicts between rec hoops and tournament hoops, so you get more basketball with fewer conflicts.

What is Tournament Hoops anyway?

Tournament Hoops is grade-level basketball that participates in tournaments against other local programs.  Tournaments are fun!  Tournament Hoops offers a chance for players who love the game to play more without breaking the bank.  We will offer more than one team at each grade if there is interest.  For middle school players, theTournament Hoops season now runs April-November.

Why did the price increase?

The price for Nether-Swarthmore Hoops did not increase for the 2/3 division, even though players are getting an added tournament.  For grades 4+, we had to raise the price to pay for the additional court time and smaller roster.  We also added a two-session clinic with varsity assistant coach Durell Moore to every registration.

Why smaller rosters?

Smaller rosters allow more game time.  More game time means more touches on the ball.

How do I sign up?

Go to the website and sign up between September 19 and October 09.  We need volunteers to help make Elementary Hoops happen.  If you can help, even for a few practices or games, please sign up.  We’ll see you on the courts!