This is an SRA SOS.

The Swarthmore Recreation Association is the heart of this community.  It is the home of the Fourth of July bike race, the Great Swarthmore Campout, and Town Soccer.  It is the home of rec basketball, of bocce, of the town picnic.  SRA is camp.  SRA is horseshoes.  SRA is neighbors coming together week after week for healthy fun.  It is the source of strong friendships and the very lifeblood of this community.

Our community was hurt by 2020, and SRA, at the heart of the community, was wounded, too.  A shuttered year left schedules unmade, cash flowing the wrong direction, and rhythms interrupted.  Most importantly, it left far too many empty seats at the table.  Critical roles at SRA are unfilled, and as we work furiously behind the scenes to breathe life back into the programs that make Wallingford, Swarthmore, Media, and Nether Providence the towns we love, we need your help.

We need board members.  We need basketball commissioners.  We need program directors.  We need you.  We need you to come lend your expertise, your creativity, your love of this community. Young parents, there is a place for you here. Retirees, there is a place for you here. High school students, working moms, soccer stars.  SRA is the heart of this community, and there is a place for all of you here. Join us.

To take your place at the table, email us at  We can’t do it without you.