Travel Hoops

**We are making adjustments to the travel schedule and structure.  Registration for travel Hoops will remain open until at least November 18th**

Travel Hoops is for Nether-Swarthmore Hoops players who want more.  Travel players participate in three local tournaments and one weekly practice.

WHO: Nether-Swarthmore Hoops players in grades 3-8. (You must be a registered Nether-Swarthmore Hoops player to participate.)

WHEN: One-hour weekly practices and three local tournaments during the seasons; practices begin the week of December 6

TRYOUTS: November 19, Boys 5:30-6:30; Girls 6:30-7:30


REGISTRATION FEE: $175; must also be a player in Nether-Swarthmore Hoops; registration is required to try out: if your child does not make the team, your fee will be refunded less the $25 fee for try-outs

Please review our refund policy before you sign up.

COVID SAFETY PROTOCOLS: Nether-Swarthmore Travel Hoops follows the SRA Safety Protocols with two additional restrictions that are required by our hosts.  First, anyone who is not actively playing on the court is required to mask at all times.  This includes coaches, spectators, and team-members.  Second, when not actively playing on the court, all team-members will be required to stay six feet apart.  We are very grateful that WSSD has invited us back to their gym space this year, and it is critical that we abide by the terms they have set so we do not risk losing our permit. With the sole exception of coaches, a parent of each player is asked to take a turn as a parent safety monitor to help us enforce the rules at games. The parent safety monitor must stay in the gym for the entirety of the game and make sure that all rules are followed by every player and every spectator.  Parents will be able to sign up for their week on TeamSnap.

Boys Travel Teams


Girls Travel Teams