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SRA Mission Statement

Swarthmore Recreation Association was incorporated on March 12, 1940 under the “Non-Profit Corporation Law.” It was formed as a non-profit organization to provide residents of Swarthmore and the surrounding communities with recreational activities.  The activities have expanded from a limited summer program for young children to include activities for all ages year-round.

The budget has expanded from a few hundred dollars to well over a quarter of a million annual budget.

Programs grow from the people in the community! If you have any suggestion, please contact the  SRA Board by clicking here or email to board@swarthmorerecreation.org

Executive Director: Sara Kelly – Sara@SwarthmoreRecreation.org

Program Coordinator: Nika Haase – NikaHaase@gmail.com

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 235

Swarthmore, PA  19081