Sports Mentors

Teenagers can step into a leadership role and gain work experience by signing up to help with our programming and events as Sports Mentors.  We offer pay or volunteer hours to Sports Mentors.

Sports Mentors are teens (Grade 8 and above) who help run programming for young players/children for SRA, Haven Youth Lacrosse, and Nether-Swarthmore Hoops. Mentors assist the Program Director by enthusiastically interacting with and encouraging the players to get involved and pay attention. They also help by demonstrating simple skills, by running drills, and by refereeing scrimmages and small games. We look for Sports Mentors who would like to work several sessions of each program so the young players have some consistency. 

Sports Mentors are expected to:

  • Set up any equipment
  • Speak with the Program Director about the day’s activities
  • Greet the young players enthusiastically, and get them moving/warmed up as they arrive
  • Be involved and active with the large group programming run by the Director by modeling the activity and by offering encouragement and interaction with the children (especially those players who are not very eager to be involved)
  • Organize and lead small groups of players with drills or games
  • Take down and put away equipment  

The best Sports Mentors are those who are very enthusiastic and good at interacting, talking and playing with the young participants. It is also important that Mentors are open and happy to take direction from the Program Director and other coaches.

If you are interested in possibly becoming a Sports Mentor, please reach out to Assistant Director, Nika Haase, at We will get you registered for a specific program and ask for your availability. Then, you will receive an email several days before each session to let you know if you are scheduled to work on a given week based on the availability you indicated in Teamsnap. We try to schedule at least a week in advance and need to know your availability before then. You may not be selected to work every week, and we do give preference to Sports Mentors who are available more often, are reliable, enthusiastic and helpful during the programming sessions. 

Updated 2024.01.23