Sports Mentors

High school and middle school students can step into a leadership role at SRA by signing up to help with our programming and events.  Sports Mentors can coach the next generation at Town Soccer and Little Panthers, guide younger athletes at Track and Field, run stations at Developmental Hoops, and referee intramural soccer and lacrosse games. Many SRA programs hire Sports Mentors to help run our sessions and players – both young and younger – report that the experience is rewarding.

Sports Mentors in Grades 9-12 typically earn $15 per programming session and Sports Mentors in Grades 6-8 typically earn $10 per programming session. Mentors may also choose to work for volunteer hours. SRA makes a great reference, and there is no better qualification for a job as a camp counselor than prior experience as a Sports Mentor.If you are interested in possibly becoming a Sports Mentor, please sign up below. We’ll get your registered (it’s free), and you can choose which sports you’d like to help with and when.