The Great Bike Races on Independence Day

SRA organizes and conducts The Great Bike Races beginning at 8:30 am on Park Avenue in downtown Swarthmore. There is no registration process, sign up or fee. Just watch for the AGE GROUP to be announced and be ready to participate.
Races start on Park Avenue just west of 5 point intersection of Park, Harvard and South Princeton.  The finish line is in front of Occasionally Yours, with racers speeding straight down Park Ave.   If there are too many cyclists for a single race, we will divide the age group into multiple heats.
2021 Festivities will be held on Monday, July 5, 2021
Race 1 begins at 8:30 a.m.
Race 1:  7 yr old boys
Race 2:  8 yr old boys
Race 3:  9 yr old boys
Race 4:  7 yr old girls
Race 5:  8 yr old girls
Race 6:  9 yr old girls
Race 7:  10 yr old boys
Race 8:  11 yr old boys
Race 9:  10 yr old girls
Race 10:  11 yr old girls
Race 11:  12-13 yr old boys
Race 12:  12-13 year old girls
Race 13:  6 year old boys (start line moves forward)
Race 14:  6 year old girls
Race 15:  5 year old boys (may use training wheels)
Race 16:  5 year old girls (may use training wheels)
Race 17:  4 year old boys and girls (may use training wheels)
Race 18:  4 year old boys and girls on tricycles
Race 19:  Over 13 Children and Adults
Participants MUST wear a bicycle helmet. 
No registration necessary, just show up at the start line
The SRA Cris Hansen Memorial Horseshoe Tournament will begin at 12:30 Click HERE for more information