The Great Bike Races on Independence Day

The Great Bike Race begins at 8:30AM on Park Avenue (near the intersection with South Princeton and Harvard) on the Fourth of July! Bring your bike (decorated for Independence Day if you want), your helmet, and your fastest legs to compete for ribbons and year-long bragging rights. No registration is required. Show up and listen for your age group!

Helmets are required for all participants!

With the help of the Swarthmore Police Departments, racers speed down Park Avenue to Occasionally Yours where the grandstand is located.

WHO: Everyone! No registration required

WHERE: Downtown Swarthmore, start on Park Avenue near the intersection with Harvard and South Princeton

WHEN: Monday, July 4th, 2022, races begin at 8:30AM and run continuously until they are finished

REGISTRATION: No registration is required, but helmets are!

Race 1:  7 yr old boys

Race 2:  8 yr old boys

Race 3:  9 yr old boys

Race 4:  7 yr old girls

Race 5:  8 yr old girls

Race 6:  9 yr old girls

Race 7:  10 yr old boys

Race 8:  11 yr old boys

Race 9:  10 yr old girls

Race 10:  11 yr old girls

Race 11:  12-13 yr old boys

Race 12:  12-13 year old girls

Race 13:  6 year old boys (start line moves forward)

Race 14:  6 year old girls

Race 15:  5 year old boys (may use training wheels)

Race 16:  5 year old girls (may use training wheels)

Race 17:  4 year old boys and girls (may use training wheels)

Race 18:  4 year old boys and girls on tricycles

Race 19:  13& over (including adults!)

Looking for more Independence Day fun? Join us at the Cris Hansen Memorial Horseshoe Tournament! Register on site. The games begin at 12:30PM.