Cris Hansen Memorial Horseshoe Tournament

A Swarthmore tradition since 1968, the Cris Hansen Memorial Horseshoe tournament is held annually every Independence Day.   After enjoying the morning festivities in town, participants arrive at Little Crum Creek Park on Cresson Lane for the fun of the competition and the neighborhood camaraderie. The number of participants varies from 35 to 70 each year (this is mostly dependent on the weather!) and of course, this is in addition to the friends and family who just come to watch!

WHO: Doubles, ages 13 and up

WHERE:   Little Crum Creek Park

WHEN: Thursday, July 4, 2024 at 12:30 p.m.

**Arrive early for sign-in prior to creation of the tournament bracket

REGISTRATION: No fee, no registration! Just show up and play!

FORMAT:   Doubles bracket tournament with single elimination

  • Teams are randomly assigned to the brackets
  • Games are to 30, must win by 2
  • Ringers are 3 points (most be hooked at the points), leaners are 2 points
  • Closest to the pin within a shoe width wins the points
  • Topped ringers cancel each other out
  • All decisions, including bracket determination, by the judge are final… this maintains the friendly competition and the spirit of the day for everyone!


In 2008, the tournament was dedicated to honor the memory of three-time horseshoe tournament champion, Cris Hansen.  Cris was a 1979 graduate of Swarthmore High School and at the age of 15, he joined his two brothers and father as a volunteer with the Swarthmore Fire and Protective Association. He held various offices with the company and was Chief for more than 20 years. Cris was the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Borough of Swarthmore and was chosen as Swarthmore’s Citizen of the Year in 2000.   Most importantly, Cris was a friend to anyone in need, always ready to step in and help a neighbor. He was loved and respected by his family and friends, as well as many members of our community, and we are honored to throw in his memory.


2023 David Chwastyk and Bernie Murtaugh 


2021 Don Grimes Sr – Don Grimes Jr

2020 No tournament because of Covid

2019 Larry Shriner – Geof Chew

2018 Fran Donnelly – Phil Gricco

2017 Tim Delozier – Dave MacCrone

2016 Don Grimes, Sr. – Don Grimes, Jr.

2015  Larry Schriner – Dave Augustine

2014  Fran Donnelly – Phil Gricco

2013  Don Grimes, Sr. – Don Grimes, Jr.

2012  Brian Deppen – Paul Schmidt

2011  Don Grimes, Sr. – Don Grimes, Jr.

2010  Geof Chew and Larry Schriner

2009  Geof Chew and Larry Schriner

2008  Tim Delozier – Doug Miller

2007  Larry Schriner – Geof Chew

2006  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

2005  Don Grimes, Sr. – Don Grimes, Jr.

2004  Dave MacCrone – Mike MacCrone

2003  Cris Hansen – Doug Miller

2002  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

2001  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

2000  Aiden Weir – Brian Weir

1999  Aiden Weir – Brian Weir

1998  Cris Hansen – Doug Miller

1997  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

1996  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

1995  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

1994  Aiden Weir – Larry Schriner

1993  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

1992  Fran Donnelly – Phil Gricco

1991  Larry Schriner – Aiden Weir

1990  Jim Rothschild – Cris Hansen

1989  Aiden Weir – Larry Schriner

1988  Rick Shaffer – Dan Shaffer

1987  Larry Schriner – Aiden Weir

1986  Norm Weir – Andrew Weir

1985  Aiden Weir – Larry Schriner

1984  Dan Shaffer – Rick Shaffer

1983  Ed Shaffer – John Restrepo

1982  Chuck Coltman – Dick Hunt

1981  Chuck Coltman – Dick Hunt

1980  Chuck Coltman – Dick Hunt

1979  Maurice Moore – Bob Mudrick

1978  Maurice Moore – Bob Mudrick

1977  Gene Martenson – Bob Mudrick

1976  Doug Bender – Ben Heckshere

1975  Huey Garrity – Dick Runner

1974  Steve Prosak, Jr. – Steve Prosak, Sr.

1973  Steve Prosak, Jr. – Steve Prosak, Sr.

1972  Rob Hopson – Doug Bender

1971  Dick Behr – Maurice Moore

1970  Dick Behr – Maurice Moore

1969  Doug Bender – Bart Mackey

1968  Doug Bender – Dick Behr


10: Larry Shriner

9:  Dan Shaffer, Rick Shaffer

7:  Aiden Weir

5: Don Grimes Sr., Don Grimes Jr.

4:  Doug Bender, Maurice Moore

3: Dick Behr, Geof Chew, Chuck Coltman,  Cris Hansen, Dick Hunt, Doug Miller, Bob Mudrick

2:  Fran Donnelly, Phil Gricco, Steve Prosak Jr, Steve Prosak Sr,  Brian Weir

Back-To-Back-To-Back Winners:

Chuck Coltman and Dick Hunt (’80, ’81, ’82), Rick Shaffer and Dan Shaffer (’95,’96,’97)

Back-To-Back Winners:

Dick Behr and Maurice Moore (’70, ’71), Steve Prosak Jr and Steve Prosak Sr (’73,’74), Maurice Moore and Bob Mudrick (’78, ’79), Aiden Weir and Brian Weir (’99, ’00), Dan Shaffer and Rick Shaffer (’01, ’02), Geof Chew and Larry Schriner (’09, ’10)