Who is SRA?

SRA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors.  Each director serves for three years.  We also have two Junior Board members, high schoolers who sit on the Board of Directors.  Junior Board members serve for two years.  SRA employs two year-round employees, the Executive Director and the Registrar.

Class of 2020: Jackie Roe (President), Eric Levicoff (Vice President), Alison Miller (Treasurer), Katie DiSantis (Secretary)

Class of 2021: Shane Campbell, Eileen Keefe, Erin Ewell, Jup Gill

Class of 2022: Michael Markowicz, Nicole Strauss, Erin Hanlon

Junior Board Members: Brent Hull (2021), Matt Lund (2022)

Executive Director: Amy Strachan

Assistant Director: Nika Haase

Director of Programming: TJ Loper

New members join the board each year.  Would you like to be considered?  The Board of Directors meets ten times a year and supports the programming and events of SRA year-round.  We’re a welcoming, hard-working group of friends, and we’d love to have you join one of the most vibrant organizations in the community.  Email Amy at Amy@SwarthmoreRecreation.org to get started.

Have an issue you want to bring to the board’s attention? You can email the board at board@swarthmorerecreation.org.