An Informal Guide for the First Time U9 Coach

Guide for the first-time U9 SSC travel soccer coach



  • Recruit players for tryouts
    • Work with Boys or Girls Commissioner to get the word out to kids who played Town Soccer, indoor soccer, and spring developmental soccer programs
    • Ask Commissioner or Executive Director to get fliers to the kids at SRS if they haven’t done so
  • Recruit assistant coach, if possible or wait until tryouts
  • Look into coach training through EPYSA (not required, but highly recommended)



  • Tryouts: you need to be present at the tryout(s)
  • Recruit assistant coach from team parents.
  • Work with commissioner to finalize roster.
  • Communicate with new team members: offer a spot on the team, ask for a response by a
    specific date. Ask players to register and pay, if they have not done so already. If you plan to use trainers, communicate to parents that there will be additional fees. Fees for trainers are handled by the coach –
    payment through TeamSnap is the best.
  • Recruit team manager to handle:
    • Setup and maintenance of TeamSnap account
    • Game day paperwork and administration
    • Team fees if you’re going to hire a trainer (not necessarily advised) or go to tournaments (not necessarily advised)
  • Registration/uniform order
    • Help Registrar get any required documents and info for you team, if necessary
    • Get uniform purchase link from Commissioner and send to players/parents
    • Help Commissioner with your team’s order (check numbers, etc)
  • Initial team meeting
    • Pick team name
    • Discuss summer practice schedule
  • Hire/schedule trainer for summer practice sessions, if needed (not necessarily advised)
  • Request/reserve field time for summer practices with Commissioner
  • Work with League Delegate to get assigned to correct division/tier



  • Get equipment from the Executive Director before practices begin: pinnies, cones, balls. There may also be recycled equipment that may be used. Ask players to each bring their own ball to practice.
  • Run summer practices – one 60 minute session per week, two maybe (you could consider using trainer for one or both weekly sessions, this imposes extra costs on your team)
    • For drill ideas look to the resources here on the website and talk to other coaches
  • Organize and participate in weekend pick-up sessions with other SSC teams
  • Consider registering for Columbus Day tournaments (not necessarily advised)
  • Arrange for scrimmages with other SSC teams or other local teams (e.g., Springfield, Ridley)
  • Check to make sure league has proper registration information and that coaches can access team webpages
  • Request/reserve field time for fall practices with Commissioner
  • Get check from SRA to cover referees’ fees. You pay half each game.



  • Maintain weekly practice schedule (with or without trainer)–keep in mind loss of daylight for purposes of scheduling
  • Develop system for game substitutions (make sure all kids get nearly equal playing time on the field: everyone plays, everyone gets substituted)
  • Recommend teaching the players how to be a team Captain, possibly rotate between the players so each has an opportunity.
  • Review league game day procedures and incorporation of the build out line
  • Before each game: contact opposing coach to confirm game location/time and to confirm uniform color
  • At every game, coach or manager must supply: (1) ref fee; (2) player/coach cards; (3) team roster
  • For every home game, coach or manager must (1) ensure that corner flags are placed; (2) supply a game ball; (3) report score to league following game



  • You could throw a post season team party. That would be nice.
  • Organize off-season training/pickup games
  • Consider playing in a Winter indoor league or Spring outdoor league