Create a New Division and add a Team in TeamSnap

A League Commissioner can cet up a new program or event with a simple team structure. To create a new program (e.g. Ultimate Frisbee) and add a team which will hold all that year’s registrant profiles:

To set up Ultimate Frisbee:
1. log in to the league where you’d like to create the program, in this case Swarthmore Recreation Association league, on TeamSnap.
2. go to the Division tab
3. click the green “+ New Division” button on the bottom left
4. enter “Ultimate Frisbee” in Division Name and Save
To add a team in the new Division “Ultimate Frisbee”:
1. go to the Division tab and click “Ultimate Frisbee”
2. click the green “+ New Team” button on the bottom left
3. Enter “Ultimate Frisbee 2018” as the team name, enter the owner’s name (more coaches can be added later) and put her email address in too, and click Continue on bottom right.
4. On the next page click “+Yes Send the Invitations” to send her an email inviting her to become the owner of Ultimate Frisbee 2018 which will allow her to put in a schedule (or we could do that for her) and send emails to her team members through TeamSnap.