Second-Grade Rec Lacrosse

Intramural lacrosse gets boys and girls in second grade ready to play travel lacrosse as third-graders. By combining early lacrosse skills with low-stakes games, Rec Lacrosse allows second-graders to lacrosse in a developmentally-appropriate, fun way.

The league plays at the same place where Little Panthers plays. If you have multiple children in the programs, you can attend at one time and place.

WHO: Second-graders, boys and girls*

WHEN: Fridays, April 14 – May 19

Girls: Time TBD

Boys: Time TBD


REGISTRATION FEE: $95, players must have a valid USA Lacrosse number in order to register

USA LACROSSE MEMBERSHIP: As a condition of our participation in league play, all HYL players and coaches must have a valid USA Lacrosse membership that expires after June 01, 2022.  This includes any parents who help out on the field at practice or a game.  Coaches are reimbursed for the cost of their membership.  USA Lacrosse has lots of resources for families who are new to the game.

UNIFORM: We strongly encourage players to use HYL jerseys, but they are not required. These are the same uniforms they will use as travel players in third grade. You only need the jersey (not the shorts, shooter shirt, socks, etc). If you prefer, you may choose to purchase a reversible pinny that your child will use for second grade only. The pinnies are much cheaper. (If you order neither a jersey nor a pinny, your child is welcome to borrow a plain color pinny to use during games.) Click HERE to order either a jersey or a pinny.

EQUIPMENT: Girls need a mouth guard and lacrosse face mask. Boys need full pads: gloves, elbow pads, chest pads, helmet, mouth guard, and cup. Both boys and girls need a lacrosse stick. (We have several to give out. Please reach out to if you would like one.)

We need volunteers! Rec Lacrosse depends on parent coaches, who lead small teams in the drills and games. Don’t know anything about lacrosse? That’s OK! Our program directors will show you what to do each week, and our Sports Mentors (teenage players) will help you with the skills. All you need to do is show up with enthusiasm and a desire to learn.





Updated 2023.01.27