Skate Night

Bring the whole family to a night of fun on little wheels! We’ll be set up on Meyers Avenue between South Princeton Avenue and the Coop for an evening of active summer fun. We’ll have a kiddie space for those who aren’t so sure on their skates, a trickster space where our skateboarders can show us a thing or two, and a big circle reminiscent of the rinks of your childhood in the middle. We’re even hoping for a food truck so you can make it a dinner thing, too! The event is free, but we do require registration for liability reasons.

We tried — hard — to find someone to bring us rentable wheels for the event, but we couldn’t find anything that came even close to the budget. So, unless something pops up, you’ll need to bring your own skate, scooters, and boards. Please no electric vehicles of any kind and no bikes.

WHO: Everyone with little wheels on their feet (roller skates, roller blade, skateboards, scooters; no electric vehicles and no bikes)

WHEN: Saturday, June 25, exact hours are TBD (but it’ll be in the evening)

WHERE: Myers Avenue between South Princeton Avenue and the Coop in Swarthmore

REGISTRATION: Registration is free but required for liability reasons

REGISTER HERE (Registration opens May 2, 9:00AM)