Info for Travel Soccer Coaches

Every adult who has regular face-to-face contact with players must have the following:


A. PA Child Abuse Clearance certificate (valid for 5 years)

B. PA Criminal Background Check certificate (valid for 5 years)

C1. Signed Affidavit of Compliance (if you have lived in PA for 10 years or more)

C2. FBI Criminal Background Check certificate (if you have lived in PA for less than 10 years)

More info on steps A-C can be found on the EPYSA website here. These certifications are free for volunteers.

D. HeadsUp Concussion Training certificate (new every year)

Save your certificates from steps A-D once you get them!


E. Passport-style photo in JPG format (new every year)


F. Complete the EPYSA Risk Management Application for the current season (new every year).

Check the form!


Soccer Registrar Nika Haase will need a copy of items A-D above before you use the link below to

G. Click Here to Register as a Coach


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