Travel Soccer Spring Season Policies

  1. All home games will be played on Henderson Field on Sunday afternoons.
  2. Each team will get 90 minutes of practice time each week on a designated field. U9/U10 will use Rutgers Side, U11/U12 will use SRS Soccer Field and U13+ will use Henderson Soccer Field.
  3. The League fee and the SRA Club fee are payable directly to SRA by each team. Referee fees can be found on the League websites and are the responsibility of each team.
  4. Uniforms – uniform ordering is done in June for the Club and there will not be a Spring order.
  5. Game Day: Please see League Game Day Rules on their websites for details. The season is usually five weeks long with games on Sundays in April and May.
  6. Game Cancellations: Games will be played in all weather situations unless there is lightning. Games can only be cancelled if the field is unplayable, determined by the delegates. Coaches cannot cancel games. Contact the Home Team delegate if you believe the field is unplayable and the delegate will decide if the game is to be cancelled and rescheduled. Delegates will contact referees, League staff, and the coaches giving them the game number of the game to be cancelled and rescheduled.
  7. If a referee does not show up call the delegate to report the no show, pick one or two volunteers which both coaches agree on and ask them to ref the game. Remember the goal is beginning player development and encouraging the love of the game of soccer.
  8. Field Lining will be set up in early April. Coaches are responsible to line the fields after initial set up.
  9. Email any comments, questions, concerns or complaints to the club delegate.