Foxes Foil Foes at PreSeason Tournament


The 2022 Fall Season is off to a flying start for the 2013 Boys Foxes as they went undefeated in the Central League Soccer Festival group stage.  The team’s aggressive, pressing style led by Andy Bubb and Prasad Soni up top often overwhelmed opponents, producing numerous chances which were finished off by center midfielders Joel Larson (who scored two goals) and Sawyer Hogarth.  Wing backs Joey DiBona, Jonah Peltzman, and Penn Hoy played high up the field, offering consistent service to our attacking players while effectively bottling up the opponent’s counter attacks.  When our opponents did manage to break through, sweepers Tariq Yue and Mac Willsie, supported by our rotating stable of goalies – Simon Prinbeck, Luca Frattaroli, and Josh Henderson – consistently snuffed out the danger. “While the results were certainly welcome,” says Coach Steve DiBona, “we were most proud of the sportsmanship, effort, and grit displayed by the boys in very hot conditions.  This was a great way to start off the season.”

2014 boys enjoy orange slices in between games. Megan Slootmaker

Also on the field this weekend, the 2014 Boys Foxes played three games in the CLS Tournament.    “Our boys played hard in their first official matches,” says Coach Megan Slootmaker.  “They had no subs for three games, and they got better each game.”

The regular season for the Swarthmore Soccer Club Foxes begins Saturday, September 10th.  Home games are played at Henderson Field, Rutgers Main Field, and Rutgers Side Field.  Town Soccer, Petite Soccer, and Intramural Soccer also rev up shortly after Labor Day.  Go Foxes!

Sandlot Soccer: Free Soccer for All


Sandlot Soccer, a new program hosted by the Swarthmore Recreation Association, brought together kids young and old for small-sided games all summer long — for free!

Sandlot Soccer ran all summer long on Thursday evenings at Henderson Field.  It allowed players of all levels and abilities to join together for sheer love of the game.

photo by Keira Rydel

Chris Wilson, who also coaches with Swarthmore Soccer Club, the travel soccer program at SRA, founded the program this year. “I started this program because I love soccer ,” Coach Wilson said.  “I think it’s a great way for kids to get out and have fun and exercise and make friends,” he said. 

On the field on August 11, players were getting lots of exercise and having tons of fun.  Coach Wilson organized players into teams by age, size, and experience level.  Without any subs, all the kids got lots of playing time, and the games were very close. Occasionally,  Coach Wilson blew his whistle and told the players to freeze. He offered pointers to players on how to improve their game before whistling again to start play.

The program received high marks from the players.  Asked how she would rate her enjoyment of the program, Olivia M. gave it an enthusiastic “10!” 

Sandlot Soccer served as a great way for players to keep skills up to snuff in the off season.  Fall brings Petite Soccer (for the youngest players), Town Soccer (with Coach Billy), Intramural Soccer (for those headed to travel in 2023), and Swarthmore Soccer Club (travel soccer).  Sandlot Soccer bridges the gap, keeps players fit, and draws players who might otherwise not try the game.

photo by Keira Rydel

Coach Wilson hopes to bring the program back again next summer and maybe more often. “I don’t know if it’s just going to be a summer program or if there’s ways that we can make it available at other times in the year,” he said, adding that he would “ love to keep it going”. Emma W. agrees. Asked if she thought the program should continue next year, she responded with an enthusiastic “Yeah!” 

Sandlot Soccer is part of SRA’s fledgling Know Your Neighbor program, a series that offers free community-building events and programs to encourage kids and adults to get out and play.  So far, Know Your Neighbor includes a bike safety course, community bike rides, hiking trips, the Summertime Romp, and Sandlot Soccer. The programs primarily take place in the summer, when field space is less cramped, but SRA is always open to new ideas.  Know Your Neighbor resides at the heart of SRA’s mission, bringing people together for healthy fun.